Twinge, Tweak & Torque – Know Thy Pain

Posted: November 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

What the heck? I had just done a 285 deadlift at 111 bodyweight, and decided to do a nice light 135 warm down set. Suddenly … a TWINGE.

The TWINGE is like a musician who hit a wrong note. Everything’s off. The song is no good. You can’t tune the guitar because the string is too stretched out. Do us all a favor and QUIT while you’re ahead. The band wants YOU to QUIT.

A TWINGE is that vague feeling that you did something wrong. It felt like a muscle being twisted in the wrong direction. But only a small muscle. And only for a short time. It goes away fast. So it must be ok, right?


A twinge, left to it’s own devices will wreak havoc on the nearest possible attachment/joint/ligament … whatever you got, it’s goin’ for it. A twinge is NOT your friend. So stop the workout NOW, stud, before you’re out for a week. A twinge usually occurs when you’re most confident. Warm-ups, warm-downs, off-loading plates, picking up dumbells, being cocky.

A twinge ignored will come back 1-2 weeks later in the form of a TWEAK. You will TWEAK the thing that TWINGED. And this time, you will make a “tweak” face. A scrunched up nose and a sour lemon expression. Now you are unable to move without pain, and some sort of limp or other compensation. You’ve tweaked something. Something in your body is now arranged improperly, and it’s going to take a few days to a week to recover. Your sex life may be impaired. Your joy may be temporarily robbed unless you have Jesus. And even then, life is gonna suck for you.

Some powerlifters truly believe that they can lift through a tweak. And when they do, they receive a TORQUE as their just reward. A “torque face” is a face of utter doom. You CANNOT move without help. You will not lift. Your muscle has rolled up, your nerve has folded over, your rib has sprung hopelessly out of position. You have TORQUED yourself. A TORQUE is usually followed by the sentence, “I’m gonna be out for awhile”.

My only advice is this: If you feel a twinge, STOP. The weights will be there tomorrow.
If you are tweaked or torqued, here is an excellent website about pain management:

And if you want to improve your form, for the Lord’s sake, train with me:

See you in the gym!

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