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Powerlifting chicks.  Not to be confused with Bodybuilding chicks.  We’re a strange breed.  We prefer to lift heavy things rather than show off our derrieres in a bikini.   We’re corn fed, tough but warmhearted.  The best powerlifting chicks are the ones that encourage and support other lifters.  Powerlifting chicks don’t have to be thin, graceful or pretty.  They just have to be strong.

Oh and by the way, if the word CHICK offends you, you should probably go back to the treadmill.

My name is Vicki Morgan.  I’m 49 years old.  I’ve been powerlifting for about 9 years off and on. I’ve only been seriously lifting for two years.  I hold world, national and state records in three out of four lifts.  More about me in another post.

Powerlifting is a pretty loose term.  You can lift EQUIPPED or UNEQUIPPED (raw).  Equipped powerlifters wear supportive gear to increase their numbers. It is a completely different sport form than RAW powerlifting.  Raw lifters aren’t allowed to wear supportive gear.  Lately, they’ve allowed raw lifters to wear wrist wraps, knee sleeves and belts … but it doesn’t change the numbers significantly.

It all comes down to COEFFICIENT.  How much percentage of your body weight can you lift?  That’s the number you’re shooting for … not the amount of pounds.  In other words, if a 198 gal can bench press 145 pounds, that’s awesome.  But not as awesome as a 114 pound gal that presses 125.

This is the decade of the powerlifting chick.  It used to be easy for chicks to set records.  Now, there’s a whole new breed of lifter, willing to lose their lunch at every workout.  Crazy women of the fall, the new generation, born out of sports like crossfit and mudding.

I don’t recommend insane sacrifices.  I DO recommend a long term, train smart approach that will keep you lifting long into your 60’s.  So stick with this blog.  You’ll get the best advice for chicks right here, especially for those of us 30 and older.  HAPPY LIFTING.